Cleveland juvenile convict missing after holiday home visit from Glen Mills Treatment Facility

CLEVELAND - The Cuyahoga County Sheriff's Warrant Unit was put on notice after a juvenile convict went missing over a holiday home visit.

According to Mary Davidson with Cuyahoga County Juvenile Court, a group of nine juvenile convicts living at Glen Mills Treatment Facility were granted a 'home pass' over the holidays from Dec. 21 to Dec. 27.

Nine juveniles were allowed to visit home but needed to be back at the transportation bus pick-up location on Dec. 27.

All but three boys returned to the transportation bus back to Glen Mills on Dec. 27.

One of the three boys turned himself in to Cuyahoga County Detention Center later that day, A second boy turned himself in on Jan. 4 and a third boy remains on the run at this time.

The Cuyahoga County Sheriff's Warrant Unit has been notified by Glen Mills regarding the AWOL youth.

The second boy to turn himself in and the missing juvenile have been charged with escape.

The boys were not required to wear tracking ankle bracelets while on home pass, but were told to check in twice a day with Glen Mills via phone.

Juveniles who were out on home pass were convicted of domestic violence, robbery, improper use of a firearm, robbery, receiving stolen property, burglary, riot, burglary and/or robbery.

Glen Mills maintains that home passes are a critical element of a youth's residential treatment. They act as an important gauge in determining the progress a youth has made in his treatment.

Issues that arise on home pass are discussed at length with the probation officer, youth, family and facility during and/or when the youth returns to the facility. It is far better to correct issues after a home pass rather than waiting until a youth has been discharged from the program altogether.

Glen Mills is an open residential treatment center. It specialize in addressing the behavioral issues of older, more aggressive youth, many of whom are often rejected by our local providers. For most, the only viable placement alternative to Glen Mills is the Ohio Department of Youth Services, which is the juvenile prison system. At Glen Mills, the juveniles have access to more than 16 trades including welding, auto mechanics, graphic design, optics and more. Coming home with a skill increases public safety because it reduces the likelihood that they will engage in new crime.

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