Cleveland Heights family warns of scam in offer of free puppy

CLEVELAND HEIGHTS, Ohio - When the Bray family of Cleveland Heights went in search of a new puppy online they thought they found the perfect solution in the form of a Siberian Husky being offered by someone in Utah who was giving a litter of puppies away after his mother died.

"The dogs were free the only thing is we had to pay for the shipping," said Joy Bray.

That was $400, the Brays were sent paperwork about the dog and detailed shipping instructions so on the day before the dog was to be shipped they put the $400 on their credit card, the dog didn't arrive.

"And then we got an email saying we had to pay $1,900 for insurance for the dog to be shipped," Bray said. She told the man she wasn't paying, he then offered to split the so-called insurance cost with her.

"I'm not paying insurance for a dog that I don't have," she said. She demanded her money back and was told she would get it but none has come.

On top of that Kristen's friend Talayia who used her cell phone to text the owner of the dogs early on has found that her number appears to have been given out to at least three other people in other states who have also claimed to be scammed. "I've gotten yelled at I've gotten cussed out I've been called so many things," she said.

The Brays have contacted police as well as their credit card company. In the meantime a woman who heard of their struggles donated a puppy to Kristen.

As she waits for answers and her money Joy Bray wants others to be aware.

"I know there are scammers out there. There are some that you can smell out before you can even up their mouths but this is beyond that. My daughter had her heart set on this dog."

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