Cleveland gets first peek at new Browns movie 'Draft Day' during special orange carpet screening

VALLEY VIEW, Ohio - On an orange carpet they made their way into the Cinemark Valley View Tuesday night, many of them Cleveland Browns, for an advance screening of "Draft Day" the Kevin Costner film that celebrates their city, their team.

"Choosing the Cleveland Browns to be portrayed as the team in this movie I think is definitely a cool experience, " said quarterback Brian Hoyer.

"For us you know we're trying to build us something great and hopefully this can be part of it," he added. 

Owner Jimmy Haslam agreed. "It's great for the Cleveland Browns brand and I think it brings great excitement to the city, " he said.

The movie features Kevin Costner as Browns General Manager Sonny Weaver as he contemplates what to do with the team's number one pick.

The 2007 Browns first round pick Joe Thomas was among those on hand. The film captures the air of excitement around the NFL Draft in New York City.

It's a scene Thomas bypassed altogether when the number three pick overall chose not to go to New York but instead went fishing with his Dad. 

Seven years later he says that was the right move.

"I'm very happy that I skipped that because it's kind of a dog and pony show (in New York) and I enjoyed going fishing one last time with my father on draft day," said Thomas. 

The movie was co-written by Rajiv Joseph and Scott Rothman. Joseph grew up in Cleveland Heights as a die-hard Browns fan and originally wrote the story about the Buffalo Bills to give him some objective separation. 

"I'm a Browns fan so I am totally emotional and you know I can't be that emotional when I'm writing something," Joseph said.

When Ohio tax credits made the film more economical to shoot in Cleveland, the shift from the Bills to the Browns was an easy one.

"It's an amazing dream come true to not only have the movie made which is great but to have it made in your hometown about your favorite football team,  you know we don't get a lot to cheer about as Browns fans but in this movie they'll find something."

Joseph and Rothman arrived in Cleveland after attending the movie's star studded premiere the night before in Los Angeles,  it's all still surreal.

"This is our first movie that we ever got made so to see the big circus event in L.A. was amazing," said Rothman.  "And it started with this little scrpt we wrote in Brooklyn."

The film opens in theaters on Friday, April 11.

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