Cleveland firefighters and police unions worry about layoffs

CLEVELAND - Cleveland's firefighters are on edge after the announcement of 350 to 400 layoffs across the city.

The president of the Cleveland Fire Fighters Union Local 93 Tom Lally had a meeting with Mayor Frank Jackson Wednesday afternoon. Lally said he doesn't blame the mayor, he blames the state.

According to the city, they plan to close fire companies. The city will also cancel the fire training academy class this year, the city said.

Cleveland Fire Department spokesperson Larry Gray said it will probably be about a week before the fire department knows exactly how they will be affected.

Lally said he is concerned about the layoffs to the fire department, as well as closing fire companies. There are 840 firefighters working for the Cleveland Fire Department.

Cleveland Police Patrolman's Association President Steve Loomis said no numbers of been set when it comes to police, but that the current class of 41 recruits in the police academy will be allowed to graduate. They will not be sworn in.

On Wednesday, May 4, chair of the city's public safety committee Councilman Kevin Conwell will hold a meeting to discuss the changes to the public safety forces. Cleveland Public Safety Director Martin Flask, as well as the city's police chief, fire chief and the commissioner of the EMS, will also attend the meeting to answer questions. The meeting will start at 10 a.m. in the Cleveland City Council Committee Room in city hall.

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