Cleveland Fire Chief Daryl McGinnis suspended during records audit

CLEVELAND - Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson ordered an internal audit of all certification records for personnel of the division of fire on Thursday.

As a result, Cleveland Fire Chief Daryl McGinnis was suspended from his duties. This is just one of several audits into the division of fire. Others examined payroll and shift trading, which resulted in 13 firefighters being indicted.

City officials said training records showed that McGinnis, who was sworn in back in January, had only 22 hours of EMT training documented between 2009 and 2012. The state of Ohio requires 40 hours.

"I am disappointed that Chief McGinnis failed to meet this minimum requirement and have relieved him of duty pending an internal review and disciplinary process," Jackson said in a statement on Thursday.

"But the real problem is that this is another example of a culture within the Division of Fire that betrays the public's trust. The audit we are conducting as a result of this will look at every firefighter's records to ensure that they are all in compliance."

Assistant Fire Chief Patrick Kelly will serve as acting fire chief during the internal review. The city said McGinnis will work at the emergency operations center in a non-supervisory role during the investigation.

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