Cleveland detectives investigating burned body on 'The First 48'

CLEVELAND - The Cleveland police homicide unit will be featured on A&E's documentary show "The First 48."

The episode, which airs on Thursday at 9 p.m., follows Detectives Mike Smith and Walley Everett as they investigate the murder of a 23-year-old woman. The series follows detectives investigating murders and missing persons cases, and emphasizes how important it is for officers to find leads in the first 48 hours of a case.

"The brutality of the murder leaves a community outraged as detectives search for the killer. And just when the case is about to hit a dead end, a witness comes forward who may shatter the case wide open," Cleveland police of the episode.

Kimberly Bolton's burned remains were found in the backyard of an abandoned house on Bayliss Avenue on Dec. 14. Police said the body was burned to the point that authorities couldn't immediately determine if they were male or female.

"I can't say the crime would not have occurred if there wasn't an abandoned building there, but I think it does not help at all," Ward 7 Councilman T. J. Dow told NewsChannel5 in December.

"This street was never known to be a street like that," said long-time resident Jermaine Wiggins. "It was never known to be a street that's crime infested and now it is."

Just days after Bolton's body was found, Cleveland police and U.S. Marshals arrested 50-year-old Nathaniel Woods. He was charged with aggravated murder.

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