Cleveland awaits Friday's RNC vote in Chicago formally choosing the city to host 2016 convention

CLEVELAND - One month to the day after the Republican Site Selection Committee recommended Cleveland to host the 2016 Republican National Convention the full RNC will vote to formally approve the choice.

The vote will come Friday in Chicago during the RNC's annual summer meeting. While publicly things have been quiet since Cleveland was recommended on July 8, privately the work has been going on behind the scenes negotiating the details.


"Those have been necessarily confidential negotiations but all indications are that those went as smoothly as those could have been hoped for and that we're ready for a smooth vote on Friday," said Cuyahoga County Republican Chairman Rob Frost who will be part of a roughly ten member contingent from Cleveland heading to Chicago.

"While the delegation is going from Cleveland I don't think there is any formal presentation plan," said Frost. "I thin we're all done presenting the merits. It's actually up to Enid Mickelsen the chair of the Site Selection Committee to make the presentation on behalf of site selection to tell their fellow members of the RNC why they are recommending Cleveland."

The RNC has 168 voting members including at least three from each state. The only remaining question to be decided is what date the convention will start in 2016 June 27 or July 18.

"I don't expect to see [Chairman Reince Priebus] set a date and see the RNC set a date on Friday. I think that will come maybe a month from now, maybe two months from now sometime by this November."

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