Cleveland After Dark: Jack Frost Donuts unique breakfast creations a big hit in Cleveland

Jack Frost Donuts, every batch from scratch

CLEVELAND - Jack Frost Donuts in Cleveland is where every donut is a unique breakfast creation.

If you have to be assigned to an overnight story, you want it to be one like this. Maurielle Lue covered this story as part of Good Morning Cleveland's Cleveland After Dark Series. The segments focus on workers who burn the the midnight oil.

The Jack Frost crew starts at 7 p.m. to make donuts for the next day. The popular donut restaurant is a family business and the home of the official NewsChannel5 donut.

Sure, you've had Fruit Loops and and Fruity Pebbles for breakfast before but never like this. At Jack Frost, decorators found a way to infuse breakfast cereal on some of their donuts.

Donuts like this don't just make themselves, they start with Ed Manning. When Maurielle Lue walked into the Jack Frost kitchen, Manning was slinging the dough around his fingers to make an intricate twist donut.

He starts at 7 p.m., kneading, rolling. and cutting dough.

All cake donuts must be done by 2 a.m. Thats when the cake ladies come in -- Laurie, Barb and Sue are the talented decorators who come up with something different everyday.

All of the donut designs are so beautiful, they are hard to eat. Some creations look more like cupcakes than donuts, complete with whipped toppings, sprinkles and -- of course -- a cherry on top.

Doors at the shop open at 6 a.m. and there is always a steady stream of customers. Donuts are sold on a first come first serve basis -- once they're gone the shop closes.

In the rare occurance all of the delicious breakfast treats aren't sold, they are donated to a local church that feeds the hungry.

Jack Frost is in Cleveland at 4960 Pearl Rd., near Parma. The phone number to the shop is (216) 351-3638.

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