City of Cleveland pools, spray basins open more days as temperatures rise

CLEVELAND - The city of Cleveland is offering residents a few ways to keep cool during the hot weather this week.

Outdoor pools are open every Wednesday through Sunday from noon to 7:30 p.m. The city said the pools will also be open Monday and Tuesday, if temperatures are 85 degrees are higher.

When temperatures are 80 degrees or higher, the city's spray basins will be open seven days a week.

Indoor pools at the city's recreation centers are open Monday through Saturday.

Outdoor pool locations:

Duggan Park: 1696 Catalpa Rd.
Forest Hills Park: 12310 Arlington Ave.
Gassaway Pool: 2306 East 100th Street
Glendale Park: 3813 East 149th Street
Glenview Park: 10746 Leuer Ave.
Greenwood Park: 2220 West 38th St.
Halloran Park: 3550 West 117th St.
Impett Pool; 3207 West 153rd St.
James Bell Pool: 2280 East 71st St.
Ken Johnson: 9206 Woodland Ave.
Kerruish Park: 17218 Tarkington Ave.
Lake Park: 1341 West 85th St.
Lincoln Park: 1200 Starkweather Ave.
Loew Park: 4741 West 32nd St.
Lonnie Burten: 2511 East 46th Street
Luke Easter: 3165 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.
Meyer Pool: 3266 West 30th Street
Neff Pool: East 193rd Street and Bella Dr.
Sunrise Pool: 3521 West 95th St.
Tromba Pool: 16411 Mandalay Ave.
Warsaw Park: 4021 East 64th Street

Spray basin locations:

Arthur Johnston: East 147th St. and Seville Ave.
Carol McClendon: East 98th St. and Union Ave.
Charles Orr: Ansel Rd. and Lamont Ave.
Crossburn: Sprecher Ave. (West of West 130th)
Dove: East 102nd St. and Dove Ave.
Easton: East 88th St. and Easton Ave.
Emery: West 130th St. and Interstate 71
Fairview: West 38th St. and Franklin Ave.
Gawron Park: East 136th St. and Harvard Ave.
Grant: East 38th St. and Central Ave.
Grdina: East 61st St. and St. Clair Ave.
Halloran Park: West 117th St. and Linnet Ave.
Herman: West 60th St. and Herman Ave.
Irma: East 74th St. and Irma Ave.
Mercedes Cotner: West 95th St. and Maywood Ave.
R.J. Taylor: Melville Rd. and Nottingham Ave.
Regent: East 70th St. and Regent Ave.
Roberto Clemente: West 38th St. and Seymour Ave.
Rockefeller Park: East 105th St. and Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.
Scoutway: Moulton East 115th St. and Moulton Ave.
Trent: West 40th St. and Trent Ave.

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