Cleveland city kennel overloaded with July 4th runaway dogs who were scared off by fireworks

Holiday fireworks send dogs running

CLEVELAND - The Cleveland Dog Kennel  had things just about under control ...until the Fourth of July holiday weekend.

"With the fireworks going off," said Chief Animal Control Officer Ed Jamison, "it just causes a lot of dogs to run and ultimately, we end up with them."

More than 150 dogs are now under the care of the city. That's almost double the number that Jamison and his staff feel they can comfortably deal with. More than four dozen of those dogs ended up here in just the last three days. Eight dogs have been claimed.

PHOTO GALLERY: Is this your dog? Nearly 50 runaway dogs taken in at city kennel.  The photo gallery contains 21 photos of the dogs taken in over the holiday weekend.

"It certainly pushed things towards the limit," said Jamison. "We did a lot of moving around over the weekend. Putting smaller dogs in to smaller cages to make room but we got everything out and worked with the county animal shelter as well as the APL and all of our rescue partners all trying to come up with a plan."

Mona, Steve Stranak's pitbull mix, was one of the weekend arrivals.

She must have hopped the fence because of the fireworks," said Stranak. "We were gone and when we came back, she was nowhere to be found."

Fortunately for Mona, she was wearing a ID tag that Stranak had put on her when he adopted her from the kennel two months ago.

"They called me Saturday morning and said they had her here."

"Owners can really help us out by having their licenses and tags on their dogs," Jamison said, "because that could make the process much easier in identifying you and getting the dog back to you."

In addition to the ID tags, the kennel can provide micro chips which can be inserted just under the skin of your dog. If your pet goes missing and is later found, information contained in the chip can help the kennel find you much quicker.

If your dog is missing, contact the Cleveland Dog Kennel or visit their website by clicking here.

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