Cavs fan apologizes for tweet 'joking' to run onto the court during Cavs game.

CLEVELAND - "I do apologize to the Cavs," 18-year-old Chris Scott said.

He's apologizing a day after being kicked out of the Cavs game for a tweet he posted during the game.

"1,000 retweets, I'll go on the court," Scott posted.

Minutes later: "Almost there," he tweeted.

"Social media can impact your life, if you're not careful," Scott said.

Security at Quickens Loans Arena saw the post and pictures, so they were knew where he was sitting.

Scott and three other fans who posted something similar were all escorted out of the arena by security  at halftime.

"The security guards were cool, so I understand, but the one security guard threw out my nachos", Scott said.

Other Cleveland fans have landed in court after following through on social media to run onto the court or field.

The Cavs said Wednesday they just don't want any players getting injured.

More arenas and police departments are not only monitoring surveillance cameras, but now social media as well, including Cleveland's Emergency Operations Center.

On St Patrick's Day, Cleveland Police monitored social media including Twitter an Facebook looking for anyone threatening to disrupt the parade.

Last year, the Coventry Arts Festival was canceled after police saw social media chatter about a flash mob planning to possibly cause chaos at the event.

The Cavs addressed the issue themselves on Twitter Tuesday night:

Scott agrees.

""I just advise you to just be smart," Scott said.

Scoot said he has more apologizing to do because the floor seat ticket belongs to his friend's uncle.

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