Casey Anthony rumored living in Geauga County

Family has ties to NE Ohio

GEAUGA COUNTY, Ohio - Rumors that acquitted Florida mother, Casey Anthony, has relocated to Newbury Township, in Geauga County, remain unsubstantiated.

Anthony's whereabouts have been a mystery since her release from jail on the morning of July 17.  She had been acquitted by a jury of the murder of her 2-year-old daughter Caylee 12 days earlier.

For the past several days, reported sightings of Anthony have populated the Internet.  The Geauga County Sheriff's Office told NewsChannel5 they have received numerous phone calls asking for confirmation.

"We have no information," said Chief Deputy Scott Hildenbrand.  "There's been no evidence that she's come into our county."

The Anthony family does have ties to Northeast Ohio. Her father, George, was a sheriff's deputy in Trumbull County in the mid-1980s.  Both George and Casey's mother, Cindy, are Trumbull County-natives.

It is believed the family still has relatives in the Warren, Ohio area.

Casey Anthony moved from Trumbull County to Orlando, Florida with her family in 1989.

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