Case Western Class of 2018 takes the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

CLEVELAND - The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge hit the campus of Case Western Reserve University Monday evening in a big way.

The incoming Class of 2018, 1,275 of them in number, had the opportunity to take the challenge at the DiSanto Football Field.

After being greeted for their orientation, the students were invited to the field for a class picture. The students formed the letters C-W-R-U for the photo, and then were invited to do the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.

The challenge has taken the country by storm with people like Bill Gates and Lady Gaga taking to the H2O fundraising.

Most of the students ran for buckets of ice water and returned to formation to douse each other.

Bob McCullough, director of undergraduate admission, organized the event, no small feat as the idea to do the challenge took shape earlier in the day.

“It's amazing what can happen, people come together, maybe goes from one person to two people, to ten people, to 1,275 people and maybe next we'll see 20,000 people doing this down the road from us."

Cleveland Bottle & Supply chipped in with 1,300 buckets while Olmsted Ice provided just more than a ton of ice.

“Oh, I’m so glad I did this been challenged before,” said Alec Frye just didn’t do it, now I did it.”

Laura Griffin, sporting very wet hair, took part, but had her doubts.

“I thought it would be too cold.”

The after-challenge had its moments too. More than 1,000 people looking for their smartphones after putting them in plastic bags to keep them dry.

Case Western has challenged their arch-rivals at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh to take up their ice buckets.

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