Car crashes into Cleveland apartment, two survivors say they're lucky to be alive

CLEVELAND - There was an incredible sight on Cleveland's west side on Tuesday after the driver of a car missed a stop sign and slammed into an apartment building.

Police arrested the driver and said alcohol was involved in the accident. Two people inside the apartment said they are lucky to be alive.

Portia Smith and her friend, Velvia Whitmore, are bruised, but alive.

"We had angels watching over us," Smith said. The ladies were sleeping on the floor because Smith doesn't own a bed. She said that ended up saving their lives.

"If I was in bed, we would've been dead," Smith said.

As workers scrambled to fix the gaping hole in the side of Smith's apartment, the two friends nursed their injuries.  Smith sported a bandage to the gash on her forehead and Whitmore wore a neck brace and boot cast. She also has a concussion.

Her quick-thinking friend pulled her to safety as the car lodged into the apartment.

"I snatched her from under the car because the wheels were still spinning under the tire. The front tire was still spinning, so I just grabbed her real quick, so her head wouldn't get caught in the tire," Smith said.

Whitmore said the whole incident is still foggy to her, but said she is so grateful to Smith.

"I just thank God for her because there's no telling what would've happened, whether I'd be smashed or dead, but her pulling me I feel saved my life,"  Whitmore said.

Smith has been moved into a nearby apartment.  She said she lost lots of valuables, including a television and stereo. But, she said she is thankful she didn't lose her life.

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