"Captain America:The Winter Soldier" excitement builds in Cleveland, where many scenes were filmed

CLEVELAND - There was plenty of movie making action on the streets of Cleveland last spring for "Captain America: The Winter Soldier" and the film hits theaters Friday.

There's a screening for local cast and crew at the Cinemark in Valley View Tuesday night.

Movie makers and brothers Joe and Anthony Russo, who grew up in Shaker Heights, are in Cleveland promoting the movie and thanking everyone for their hospitality and patience during filming.

"Cleveland is unique because it can double as a lot of locations, and we want to give back to the city we love," said Joe. 

"The people around here are great. Every time we brought people here to shoot, everyone ends up loving Cleveland," said Anthony.

Although the movie is set in Washington D.C., scenes from the movie were filmed on Superior Avenue, the Shoreway, at Tower City, the Cleveland Museum of Art and other locations.

Stars Scarlett Johansson and Chris Evans weren't in town Monday,

But who was that mystery person riding a motorcycle through Valley View?

It was Cleveland resident Beth Gealy enjoying the sunshine on the last day of March.

Gealy hopes more movies are made in Cleveland.

She said she is glad the movie was filmed in Cleveland last spring because now, a superhero has to be super careful dodging all those huge pot holes.

Beth plans to ride along Cleveland roads and bridges where movie scenes were shot.

"With scenes of the movie being filmed throughout downtown Cleveland and the Shoreway, I can ride right in the same spot and I think it's so cool," Gealy said.

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