Camilia Terry of Cleveland charged with aggravated murder in death of 3-year-old son Emilliano Terry

CLEVELAND - The Cleveland mother charged in the death of her 3-year-old son found dead at a waste collection site was ordered to give a DNA sample.

During a news conference at the Cuyahoga County Justice Center Wednesday morning, Cleveland Deputy Chief Edward Tomba said 20-year-old Camilia Terry was charged with one count of aggravated murder.

A body of a boy matching the description of Emilliano Terry was found Monday night in Bedford, but the body has yet to be positively identified. Camilia reported the boy missing  from a park about 24 hours before the discovery, prompting a large investigation that involved the FBI.

Tomba said investigators obtained two search warrants following the discovery of the body – one for Terry's home on Buckeye on Cleveland's east side, and another for a DNA sample from Terry.

"We don't know where the crime took place," said Tomba, adding that searching the home may point to that location as being a likely possibility.

Tomba said it's believed the crime happened at the house, but there's nothing glaring pointing to it as the scene.

Investigators removed evidence from Terry's home Tuesday night while executing the warrant, and detectives are combing through it to find answers in the case.

Cuyahoga County Medical Examiner Dr. Thomas Gilson said the DNA obtained from Camilia Terry – through either a hair sample or swab – will be used to see if there's any relation of Camilia to the body found.

Gilson said the body found showed signs of decomposition, so a visual identification was not appropriate in this case. It's not clear when the results of the DNA tests will come back.

The time and cause of death for the body have not yet been determined, Gilson said.

Police said they're also not sure when Emilliano was last seen alive. Detectives are talking with people in the area to see when anyone last saw the toddler.

Tomba was confident police are on the right track in this case.

"We have reason believe it was (Emilliano Terry) in that bag, we have reason to believe (Camilia Terry) was with him when something happened," said Tomba.

Tomba said Terry has obtained an attorney and gave a statement to the FBI following her arrest, but the details of her conversation with investigators are not being released.

Meanwhile, a custody hearing was held Wednesday afternoon for Terry's two other children. A spokeswoman for Cuyahoga County Children and Family Services said Terry's 5-year-old and 5-month-old children are currently with a foster family.

The spokeswoman said all three of Terry's children had different fathers, so there are multiple families involved in the hearing.

CFS is currently looking at and investigating backgrounds of foster families and blood relatives who have come forward to gain permanent custody of the children.

Keep checking for the latest developments in this case.

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