Burke Lakefront Airport renovates terminal exterior

New paint, landscaping, canopy removal, LED lights

CLEVELAND - Flyers using Burke Lakefront Airport (BKL) will see noticeable changes outside the terminal when passengers catch their next flight.

Construction crews are currently renovating the airport's exterior, according to a news release from the airport.

Work includes repainting the terminal building, removing the canopy covering the front terminal walkway, new landscaping, window tinting and new LED lighting on the exterior facade and walkway.

"Burke Lakefront Airport is a vital piece to Cleveland's lakefront and these improvements will make it more enjoyable for the people who depend on the facility," said airport direct Ricky Smith in a written news release.

The improvements started in July 2013 when crews painted the outside of the terminal. Removal of the canopy got underway Monday and will take 5-7 days to complete. The new walkway, landscaping and lighting will follow and take approximately two weeks.

New fencing and a security gate will also be upgraded to improve the terminal building's appearance and increase security for airport tenants and users.

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