Browns fans share strong opinions on firing of rookie head coach

CLEVELAND, Ohio - Cleveland Browns fans might not agree with each other on whether Rob Chudzinski deserved to be fired after one season.

But they have strong opinions on team owner Jimmy Haslam's decision to sack the rookie head coach.

"I'll tell you what I think about Haslam; he sounds like a guy who pays for a performance and he's not getting it," says a Browns fan who watched news of the firing on TV's at the Winking Lizard in downtown Cleveland Monday. 

"Chudzinski didn't have a chance, the quarterbacks are down--what can a man do? You hire him for a year and them let him go. So we have a revolving door of coaches and quarterbacks. So good luck to you," Browns fan Bryan Loretz says.

The Browns lost their last seven games. 

"I don't feel that he deserved to get fired. It was a quarterback carousel this year," says Browns fan Jeff Rasmussen.

"I keep hear people saying, 'Oh, if we had a decent quarterback.' I'm sorry it takes more than just a quarterback. There are more players on that team than just a quarterback. Was it fair? I don't know; he's gone and we can't do anything about that," says Browns fan Sue Boleski.

Browns owner Jimmy Haslam said Chudzinksi was fired because the team show a lack of progress and improvement.

Chudzinki got $10.5 million dollars to walk away from his contract.

If fans agree on one thing, it's this: "It pays to be a head coach in the NFL."


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