Browns fans react to front office house cleaning in Berea

CLEVELAND - "They better get their stuff together, because quite frankly, I'm tired of buying my season tickets," said long time Browns fan Dina Bowen.

Overall, Bowen said, she believed Browns owner Jimmy Haslam made the right moves in firing Mike Lombardi as Browns General Manager and removing Joe Banner as CEO.

"Our season ticket holder base remains very strong. At least the preliminary comments we got our very positive," said Browns owner Jimmy Haslam.

"If he does it right, I think the Browns will be on the map, and I'll always have faith in them," Bowen said.

The Browns front office's break up three days before Valentine's Day was the hot topic at Jaworski's Meats in Middleburg Heights, where many Browns tailgaters stock up before games.

"We keep the faith because we it's in our blood. We bleed orange and brown. I'm glad Haslam had the guts to do this. I think the new General Manager Ray Farmer seems like an approachable guy, he's going to communicate with the players because he played the game. He seems like he will talk to with us the fans and not over us," said Mark Jaworski.

"I just want a good season with meaningful games, and making the playoffs would be nice," said Browns fan Carol Baran.

The Browns finished 4 and 12 last year, but Browns fans feel optimistic with the changes overall and look forward to the Browns plentiful draft picks and salary cap space, which allows them to attract free agents.

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