Browns fan Anthony Petrello places Craigslist ad to get interview to become the head coach

LAKEWOOD, Ohio - As the Cleveland Browns continue their exhaustive search for a new head coach, a Lakewood accountant has thrown his hat into the circus.

His name is Anthony Petrello. He decided to take his bid online, posting an ad on Craigslist .

"I'm not sure if I am qualified, but I know I have the heart," Petrello said, sitting in his hammock after a long day of work as an accountant.

So, what are his qualifications for the job?

Well, his ad said he is a strong, decisive leader and he has played at least flag and tackle football with friends. He's also a master at Madden, a video game featuring professional athletes.

Although, what's kind of crazy is that he doesn't pick the Browns when he plays.

"No I don't if I want to win. I can't go with the Browns," he laughs.

Petrello said the Craigslist post was done in fun, but he hopes his team gets it together and chooses a new coach and sticks with him.

Like any good interviewee, you must ask for the job. Petrello said if he could talk to the Browns he would have said, "Hire me because I'm a local Clevelander that wants to be in the city and loves his city."

He didn't know if his accounting background would help him as a coach, but he said if he were in charge he would be accountable and things would all add up.

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