Audio: Cleveland police release district-by-district radio traffic from chase that ended with 2 dead

CLEVELAND - Cleveland police on Monday released the audio recordings of radio traffic from the night in which officers were involved in a double fatal shooting following a chase.

Late Thursday night, officer shot and killed a man and a woman in East Cleveland following a long chase that started over a report of shots fired near police headquarters in downtown Cleveland.

NewsChannel5 organized the 44 clips by district and placed them in chronological order below. Each district uses its own radio channel, so there is no cross-communication between districts other than through the dispatcher listening and relaying what's happening.

Click on the play buttons below to hear each clip (mobile users: please visit our full site to listen to audio).

Audio: District 1

Time Audio Clip Length
10:36:20 03:09
  Description: Inform units about pursuit, meet up with 2nd district units
10:39:25 02:24
  Description: Supervisor calls off 1st district units from pursuit
10:41:51 01:19
  Description: Description given of incident that started chase, says someone in suspect vehicle fired shots at 2nd district cars
10:55:50 00:59
  Description: Someone says there's a report of officer down, dispatcher says she had not heard that

Audio: District 2 (started chase)

Time Audio Clip Length
10:32:03 18:48
  Description: Start of chase near police headquarters downtown, all of the way to Wade Park
10:50:53 05:06
  Description: Chase continues on Wade Park, covers through end of chase in East Cleveland when an officer says a suspect is loading a weapon and then shots are fired
10:55:55 00:45
  Description: Starts immediately after shots are fired, units indicate that shots have been fired
10:56:44 00:44
  Description: Unit says the dispatcher needs to make notifications, calls for EMS to respond
10:57:28 01:06
  Description: Location information relayed
11:00:25 00:58
  Description: Unit says everyone is in custody

Audio: District 3

Time Audio Clip Length
10:33:31 05:31
  Description: Dispatcher says 2nd district officer is following someone who shot off a round; 3rd district supervisor calls off the pursuit
10:39:11 00:51
  Description: Update given on pursuit, now located in the 1st district
10:39:59 00:56
  Description: Pursuit now heading back toward the 3rd district, supervisor says 3rd district will not be involved
10:40:58 00:23
  Description: Location update: Now on Scranton in Tremont area
10:41:21 00:59
  Description: Location update: Approaching Quigley; dispatcher says male pointing gun out of the back window of the suspect vehicle. Chase heading toward Steelyard
10:42:24 02:23
  Description: Units started following, but supervisor tells them to back off and let the 2nd district handle it
10:44:43 00:35
  Description: Location update: I-90 east at Chester
10:45:18 00:33
  Description: Location update: Dead Man's Curve, report that suspect vehicle lost at least one tire
10:46:28 01:13
  Description: Location update: I-90 eastbound past East 55th
10:47:47 03:08
  Description: Pursuit headed back toward 3rd district, at East 69th and St. Clair toward Wade Park
10:50:50 00:41
  Description: Zone car hit, asks if anyone was hurt
10:51:32 01:09
  Description: Location update: Still on Wade Park
10:52:38 02:04
  Description: Location update: East 123rd, East Cleveland police notified
10:54:42 00:45
  Description: Dispatcher relays location updates
10:55:27 01:18
  Description: Location update: At water treatment plant; dispatcher relays that shots are fired and reports of crossfire
10:56:51 00:58
  Description: Unit at the scene gives location of shooting
10:57:50 00:25
  Description: Unit reports "it appears everyone is OK"
10:58:14 00:53
  Description: No officers injured
10:59:19 01:01
  Description: More precise location given

Audio: District 5

Time Audio Clip Length
10:42:39 00:38
  Description: Request for stop sticks
10:43:32 02:54
  Description: Alert about chase in 2nd district; dispatcher give location and suspect vehicle plate. One car assigned and supervisor asks how many police cars involved
10:46:28 01:12
  Description: Dispatcher answers question, saying at least two cars; location of pursuit: approaching East 72nd. Says gun involved
10:47:47 00:32
  Description: Location update: Westbound on St. Clair
10:48:18 00:23
  Description: Location update: Southbound on East 68th
10:48:44 00:23
  Description: Location update: Southbound on East 71st
10:49:03 00:54
  Description: Dispatcher says it's not a gun, it's a pop can in his hand
10:49:58 01:13
  Description: Zone car hit, possibly a 3rd district vehicle
10:51:06 01:17
  Description: 5th district cars ordered to terminate the pursuit
10:52:22 00:24
  Description: Supervisor asks for pursuit termination time
10:52:43 00:26
  Description: Dispatcher says termination time was 10:50
10:53:46 01:26
  Description: Supervisor says no cars should be involved in pursuit
10:55:37 00:38
  Description: Dispatcher relays that possible shots fired near the water treatment plant
10:56:15 01:10
  Description: Better description of location given
10:57:22 00:21
  Description: (inaudible)
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