Attorney General Mike DeWine delivers Cleveland deadly chase/shooting report to quiet crowd

RICHFIELD, Ohio - News conferences, in general, are loud, gabby affairs with reporters, photographers and public relations folks all visiting and talking before the scheduled event begins.

That was not the case in Richfield on Tuesday morning where a dozen TV crews, radio and newspaper reporters gathered to hear Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine deliver the Bureau of Criminal Investigation's findings on the chase and police involved shooting on Nov. 29 that left Malissa Williams and Timothy Russell dead.

The news conference was closed to the public and a large security team inside and out was on hand should any problems arise. Those in attendance were BCI investigators, Cuyahoga County Prosecutor Tim McGinty and his staff, various law enforcement personnel and the media.

The room was quieter than any church service I have ever attended and it stayed that way for the entire 90 minutes, a testament to what I believe was the knowledge that in this story there would be no winners, only losers.

McGinty now has the case and will present it to a grand jury who will determine if criminal charges should be filed.

DeWine's office posted all of the documents related to this case online, which includes interview transcripts, diagrams and other information gathered during the investigation. Check out the files here:

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