Arlene Castro, daughter of kidnapping, rape suspect Ariel Castro, devastated by Cleveland abduction

CLEVELAND - The daughter of Cleveland kidnapping and rape suspect Ariel Castro tells "Good Morning America" she's "devastated" by the allegations and begs to see her friend Gina DeJesus again.

Arlene Castro said she had "no idea" that her father allegedly kidnapped three girls, including her good friend Gina DeJesus 10 years ago.

Arlene was the last person to see Gina until she, along with Michelle Knight and Amanda Berry, were rescued from a house of horrors on Seymour Avenue on May 6.

"Me and my father were never really that close," Arlene explained. "Every time we would talk, it would be short conversations: 'Hi, how are you? Let me know if you need anything.'"

The violence that reportedly happened inside that west side Cleveland home is unthinkable: sexual assault, being bound with chains and locks in a basement, being allowed to see daylight twice in 10 years.

But Arlene said she didn't grow up in a home full of violence. "Oh no, never."

With tears streaming down her face, Arlene had this message for Gina, Berry and Knight: "I'm absolutely so, so sorry. I really want to see you Gina and I want you to meet my kids. I'm so sorry for everything."

Meanwhile, Ariel Castro was arraigned Thursday morning where bond was set at $8 million. He is charged with four counts of kidnapping and three counts of rape.

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