Alleged victim testifies in rape trial of former WEWS sports anchor Terry Brooks

CLEVELAND - The woman who alleges she was raped by former WEWS NewsChannel5 sports anchor Terry Brooks was on the witness stand Monday.

Brooks is charged with the rape, attempted rape and kidnapping, The alleged victim told police that at Brooks’ South Euclid home in September 2009, she was raped.

The woman said after she had what she termed “three or four” drinks at a local bar, she admitted to being drunk.

“What were your intentions? Did you have an agreement for him to drive you home?” asked the prosecutor of the alleged victim.

“I was going to drive myself,” the woman replied.

The alleged victim then testified that she took off her dress and while on a bed in Brooks’ home, Brooks performed several sex acts on her. She said she could move but because of the alcoholic drinks she had, she had no strength to push Brooks away.

“Yeah, I could move. Like I still felt like I didn’t have…” the woman said.

“You felt like what? I didn’t hear what you said,” she was asked.

“I felt like zombie, still,” she replied.

During her testimony on Monday, the alleged victim said she was raped during this ordeal, and said she felt intimidated and could not leave the house. She added that she did not drive her car to his house.

“I felt like I didn’t have any control over anything, like I didn’t have any control,” she testified.

“And did Mr. Brooks have control over you?” she was asked.

“Yes,” she replied.

Brooks has maintained his innocence.

The woman – who is in her early 20s – said she and Brooks had sent text messages to each other many times before the incident in his house. She testified she said nothing to authorities or family members for four months, saying she blamed herself because “I had the drinks, I was drunk.”

The prosecution is still presenting its case in the trial. The defense is expected to cross examine the witness before it presents its own case in the Cuyahoga County Common Pleas Court.

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