What to keep in your car in cold weather to keep you safe

CLEVELAND - AAA is reminding motorists to keep essential items in their cars in case of a breakdown as it becomes bitter cold next week.

Jumper cables and tools

“You should have some jumper cables, you should have some basic tools,” said Lori Cook, safety adviser for AAA East Central Office.

Blanket, food and bottled water

Cook also said it’s important to have a blanket, food and bottled water.

“That’s [bottled water] good for everybody,” she added. “That’s good for small children, that’s good for pets.”

“We usually have a couple of bottles in the trunk just in case something extreme were to happen,” said Alex Coundourides, a Cleveland-area motorist.


Don’t forget a shovel or some tool that can move snow.

“If you don’t have a shovel, you can use one of your children’s frisbees, a pan, a lid to a pan,” added Cook.

“My car doesn’t actually start sometimes in the winter or I leave my lights on and I can’t start my car,” said Tanya Paramuschuk, a Cleveland-area motorist who said she normally carries just a snow brush.

Paramuschuk said she knows she needs to be more prepared, and next week’s frigid temperatures are prompting her to think about other items to keep in her mini-van.

Reflective vest and whistle

According to AAA, a reflective vest and whistle are also good to carry, especially if motorists slide off the road.

“If you have a basic athletic whistle, blow that whistle and somebody will hear that,” said Cook.

As the frigid temperatures set in, AAA reminds motorists to tell others where they’re traveling, the route they’re taking and when they plan to arrive. That’s so if they get stranded, others know where to look.

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