8-year-old Cleveland girl with cancer for third time wishes to meet Justin Bieber

CLEVELAND - Nearly 18,000 people think Erin Catherine Potter's wish to meet Justin Bieber should be granted. After all, the Cleveland girl's cancer is back for the third time and the outlook isn't good.

While most kids are spending their time playing outside, watching TV and learning in school, Erin spends much of hers in the hospital, undergoing chemo.

Erin is only 8 years old and has been through more than most of us will experience in a lifetime. In 2007, Erin was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL). In 2011, she came back to Rainbow Babies and Children's Hospital expecting to get a clean bill of health. Instead, Erin learned her cancer came back. More chemo and a successful bone marrow transplant from her sister, and Erin thought she was cancer-free. But the 8-year-old's disease is back for the third time.

Despite the therapy taking a toll on the little girl's body, Erin and her family are prepared to fight again.

Cancer isn't the only thing Erin suffers from. She also has Bieber Fever, and her time may be running out to meet the teen heartthrob. So, her family and strangers are trying to reach out to everyone they can to get his attention.

The family has tweeted Justin Bieber for the past several days using the Twitter account @BieberForPotter. They have also used #bieberforpotter and #bibber4potter on every post hoping to get Justin's attention, but the Biebs has yet to respond or acknowledge any of the requests.

Just because Justin hasn't noticed yet, other big name celebs have. Josh Cribbs, Aaron Carter, Theresa from "The Real Houswives of NJ" are all on board. Even News Burner blogger noted Chelsea Handler, Terrell Owens and some Jersey Shore cast members are re-tweeting #bieber4potter.

On Facebook, an event has been created where nearly 18,000 people have joined to help spread the word about Erin's dream of meeting Justin Bieber.

"He has always said he will be there for his fans, but this little girl really needs him now in her life," the event post said. "At this point, we have not been able to get his attention."

But they're not giving up. The tweets continue to pour in, the Facebook event keeps growing and word of Erin's wish spins around the globe.

So for now, Erin returns to the hospital Wednesday for her next round of chemo shots, hoping this time it will kill the cancer-filled cells throughout her body. Erin remains a belieber, hopeful Bieber will notice what may be one of her final wishes and make her dream of meeting him come true.

"Thank you again for all of you thoughts, prayers and support. We really need it. It is encouraging to us as her parents and powerful for her. I know that prayers are answered. We have seen proof in that. And we are about to see it again. Miracles have happened. They do happen. They will continue to happen. Keep praying please."

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