3,000 mile skateboard trip to raise earth awareness

N.Y. teens pass through NE Ohio

CLEVELAND - 3,000 miles on a skateboard? That's the journey Cassidy Barney and William Latour told NewsChannel5 they are on this summer.

Barney and Latour, both recent high school graduates, are from Oswego, New York, and just passed through Cleveland as they attempt to travel all the way to Seattle, Washington on a custom-built skateboard -- and a mountain bike.

The twosome said they are making the trip of a lifetime to encourage the use of non-motorized transportation methods and raise concern about environmental issues.

"We're trying to raise awareness about the current state of our oceans," said Barney, referring specifically to the masses of floating trash known as "garbage islands" polluting the world's open waters.

"Everybody, please pick up one piece of trash, at least, a day," implored Latour. "We do it. We pick up trash all the time."

Barney and Latour said they found people in Northeast Ohio receptive to their message.

The young men estimated they had traveled 600 miles thus far and said they had stayed with a relative of Barney's in Bratenahl, Ohio for the past few days.

The pair left Cleveland traveling west on U.S. Route 6 (Detroit/Clifton/Lake Roads), with a mid-term goal of Denver, Colorado.

Barney and Latour said they plan to spread a message of peace and love to other young people in the Denver area -- site of the recent Batman movie shooting tragedy.

"We don't need guns. Why do we need guns? Guns are just fear," said Barney. "You got to live in the heart too, you know," added Latour. "Spread peace and love and happiness. One love, one body, one mind."

The two said they usually travel 50 to 75 miles each day -- and expect to complete the journey by the end of the summer.

A blog and video diary of their cross-country tour can be found at: http://skateandbikeusa.webs.com/apps/blog/

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