3 found dead at used car dealership on Cleveland's east side

CLEVELAND - Cleveland police are investigating after three people were found dead on the city's east side Friday morning.

Dispatchers at the Cleveland Police Department told NewsChannel5 officers are at the scene on St. Clair near Melville Road – just west of East 185th Street.

The address for the location shows it being "Imperial Auto Sales."

Police at the scene confirmed three people were found dead inside the auto dealership -- one man and two women.

Investigators said the man worked part time at the business and had keys to enter.

Cleveland police said they got a call at 9:58 a.m. reporting that the owner found three dead people at East 183rd Street and St. Clair.

Nottingham Methodist Church has been in the Cleveland community for for more than 190 years.

"It's been a very quiet neighborhood. most of the folks that attend this church they either walk from their homes or they drive in from the suburbs,"  said the church's pastor, Stanley Miller. He said he was shocked to learn that just across the street a man and two women were found murdered this morning inside the imperial auto sales body shop. He'd never noticed any signs of trouble before.

"I am very surprised but you know crime happens in a lot of different communities and what i don't want people to rush to judgement on what this crime was, it could've been personal  and should not reflect on the value of this community, this could've been very personal and shouldn't reflect on the whole community," he explained.

Cleveland Police Spokesperson, Sammy Morris, said the male victim worked part time at the shop and he also worked at other shops in the area to make money.

"Today at approximately ten o'clock the owner of this business was opening up his business and as he went in the business he observed the three victims lying on the floor all with gun shot wounds," Morris said.

According to Morris, the male victim had a key and would let himself in for work. Police haven't said why the two women were with him, but they do expect the owner of business to help them fill in the gaps as he is cooperating with police.

The owner's brother, Johnathan Scimenes, said his brother has had the business for fifteen years and had never had any problems like this.

"It's terrible that something like this happens, you look at the community. there's kids playing here all day. to see something like this happened, it's shocking," he said. 

Meanwhile Pastor Miller said they have to dig a little deeper to prevent terrible acts like this.

"We have to redouble our efforts to make sure that we're caring for people because the church is only a place where you get charged up dressed up and ready to do the work. the work has to be done in the neighborhood, in the street," he said.

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