2014 Sea Show: USS Cod celebrates Cleveland Air Show's return with big bang, firing off the gun deck

Sub revs up engines and fires deck gun

CLEVELAND - The USS Cod is happy to see the Air Show back in Cleveland. To celebrate, they're firing up the submarines massive diesel engines and firing off the gun deck on the hour.

They're calling it the 2014 Sea Show.

The crew aboard the World War II submarine began conducting hourly deck gun demonstrations today beginning with a three round volley from the rear deck gun. One of the Cod's five diesel engines will run at 1, 3, and 5 PM.

The crowds coming to the 2014 Cleveland Air Show walk right by the submarine and Bill Henderson, who helps maintain the sub, said it gets their attention.

"I've never found somebody that wasn't awed with what these men did during World War II. That boat is 318 feet long and weighs about 1800 tons and it contained 80 to 100 men at any give time. Those men risked their lives. They had a 1 in 5 chance of not coming back after every patrol."

Henderson said not only does the firing of the deck gun delight the visitors, it also scares away the seagulls that could interfere with the low flying air show planes.

The Cod is open for public tours Daily 10 AM to 5 PM until September 30. There is an entrance fee.

The Cod is docked on North Marginal Road, between East 9th Street and Burke Lakefront Airport.

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