Cleveland Indians pitcher Joe Smith involved in incident at Put-in-Bay bar, no charges filed

PUT-IN-BAY, Ohio - No charges were filed, but a police report was taken after a Cleveland Indians' pitcher was apparently involved in a bar fight at Put-in-Bay early Sunday morning.

The alleged incident happened at the Roundhouse bar on Catawba Avenue at about midnight.

According to the report, Joe Smith tried to enter the bar without identification – and when bar security questioned his age, Smith told them he was a pitcher for the Cleveland Indians.

Bar security did not accept that answer, and one of the people with Smith told police "Roundhouse security became rude and disrespectful."

It was at this point in Smith's explanation of events to police that the officer remarked in the report that "Mr. Smith became upset with me because I did already not know who he was."

The report then said that the pitcher's girlfriend leaned forward and stated, "He's a pitcher for the Cleveland Indians!"

Smith told officers that a bar security member called him a name before removing him from the property, and then someone else tried to fight with Smith.

Officers then told Smith and his friend -- both of whom had been placed in handcuffs -- that no charges or citations would be issued.

But before they left, the police report stated that the mother of Smith's friend "held out a large folded stack of $100 bills to Ofc. Williams and said ‘Can you guys take a tip?'"

The officer explained to the woman that "we would not be taking any gratuities," according to the report.

Since this report was filed, Fox 8 News in Cleveland has confirmed and is reporting that the woman who was with Smith at the time of the incident was sports reporter Allie LaForce.

Read the full police report here:

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