Clearing the way for a new Innerbelt bridge

Demoliton begins for a new Innerbelt bridge

CLEVELAND - Concrete signs of the beginning of a new era in Cleveland transportation are starting to emerge.

Demolition crews are methodically tearing down two buildings at 300 Central Viaduct.

The Broadway Mills Building and Marathon gas station are being demolished to clear the way for a new 4,247 foot long Innerbelt bridge over the Cuyahoga River.

The buildings sit atop the east side of the Cuyahoga River valley at the base of the Hope Memorial Bridge and abut the current Innerbelt Bridge.

Demolition is expected to take two more days.

Other work includes trees being removed on the hillside along I-90 on the Tremont side of the bridge project as well as closure of the entrance ramp to I-77 from East 21st Street.

The largest building demolition in the project is yet to come with the elimination of the Cold Storage building on Abbey Avenue.

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