City council reacts to Arizona tragedy

CLEVELAND - Cleveland city council members expressed outrage about the shooting outside a Tucson, Arizona supermarket Saturday in which six people were killed and 14 wounded, including Congresswoman Gabriel Giffords. They also expressed concerns about their own safety during at meeting Monday.

"None of us have any security, and; yes, we so deal with some really, really bad elements," said Councilwoman Donna Brady.

The tragedy has hit home for councilman Zachary Reed.  Reed met Giffords at a leadership conference five years ago and said he last spoke with Giffords a few months ago when he called to see if she could help a former aide find a job in Arizona.

"I hope I don't cry today as I cried on Saturday thinking about my friend," Reed said.

Councilman Joe Cimperman has had to worry about his safety since someone set fire to his home two years ago while he and his family slept.  No one has been arrested for the crime.

"Elected officials have to be very, very aware, especially in this day and age, because anger ins just so close to the surface," Cimperman said.

Council members can get police protection at ward meetings and other public events if they request it.  But Cimperman admitted that additional security is no guarantee of safety.

"You can't police your way out of mental imbalances.  You can't police your way out of somebody who's going to take the law in their own hands," Cimperman said.

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