Cincinnati casino delay has no impact on Cleveland for now

Dan Gilbert's Rock Ohio Caesars this week missed a steel order in Cincinnati for their new $400 million Horseshoe Cincinnati Casino. 

It's a move that means the property won't be closed in by winter which will delay the opening of the property from the hoped for late 2012 to sometime in 2013.

The delay was caused by uncertainty over whether possible additional fees or taxes imposed by the state may cause the Rock Ohio to rethink the size of the property.

A spokesperson for Rock says "the situation in Cincinnati is unrelated to the ongoing construction inside the Higbee Building for Horseshoe Cleveland.

The $350 million Phase I casino is expected to open in early 2012.

Governor John Kasich Thursday stressed again his desire to make sure Ohio gets the best out of this deal while it can.  "I think to some degree the gaming people would just love to shove another thing down our throats and we're not going to do that, that's not fair," he said.

Kasich earlier this month announced the hiring of two casino consultants to help him in establishing rules, regulations and a working relationship between different forms of gambling in the state while also looking at what additional taxes or fees may be applicable.

"We don't do things that are not thought out and we'd like to get this done," said Kasich.  "They want to get open, we want them to get open.  I've got a lot of decisions to do at many levels, VLTs, racetracks, everything else.

"They have to be thought through systematically and we are on it and we will do it as quickly as we can.

"At the end of the day, maybe they don't want to help but I want to give them a chance to join the Ohio family in the right way and it will be done quickly," he said.


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