Cavaliers fans have reason to cheer again

CLEVELAND - After what seems like two straight months of cold and rain, the mood of Cleveland was lifted just before 9 p.m. Tuesday when the lucky bounce of some NBA lottery balls turned a 2.8 percent chance of sunshine into a flood of light and hope.

Inside Cadillac Ranch on Euclid Avenue, fans gathered for the Cavaliers' official draft lottery watch party.

Fans knew that when they got to the eighth pick without seeing their wine and gold logo revealed, they would be guaranteed a top three pick with the one that was acquired from the Clippers in the Mo Williams trade.

The Cavaliers own pick would come up at number four, then just before nine  the Utah Jazz logo was revealed at number two giving the Cavs the first and fourth picks in this years draft.

The pick acquired from the Clippers had only a 2.8 percent chance of being selected number one overall.

"Would never have thought it was a possibility," said former Cavs great Campy Russell. "For the faithful this is a great day cause who would have thought, one and four?"

Fan after fan expressed happiness for Cleveland and Cavaliers fans after the year that followed the decision/defection but hope springs eternal once again in downtown Cleveland.

"I love it, one and four, I mean this is amazing I love it Kyree Irving you're coming here baby," said one fan. 

"Beautiful thing, Cavs they deserve it, Cleveland deserves it."

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