New lights to brighten Broadway Avenue in downtown Lorain

LORAIN, Ohio - Some "illuminating" improvements are coming to the city of Lorain that will not only brighten the downtown area, they also promises to make the city safer.

The Lorain Board of Control approved a new contract to retro-fit 40 light poles on Broadway Avenue from West Erie heading south to under the underpass by West 9th Street.

Existing light poles will get 14 foot extensions added to them which will raise the poles to about 28 feet tall. Then the top of the poles will be fitted with a gothic-style steeple point and a curved arm that will reach out approximately 6 feet. The arms will have white 70-watt LED lights in them to shine over the street. Then, lower on the pole, another arm will extend out 2 feet with an acorn shaped LED light to illuminate the walkways.

The city will use a federal Department of Energy grant of about $228,000 to pay for the project. Contractor Zenith Systems LLC will add the lights to the downtown poles.

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