Building department condemns, boards up filthy Elyria store and apartment

ELYRIA, Ohio - A building on Broad Street in Elyria that housed the Kush store and apartments has been condemned after officials with the city's building department found filthy conditions inside.

A warrant was executed at the building Wednesday. This was a result of an investigation into a police raid of the store that happened in December. 

The Superintendent of Services for the Building and Cemeteries Department Kevin Brubaker said he found the water had been turned off in the building and gas at the store was turned off back in August 2009. There were no restroom facilities inside.

Brubaker also said the apartments above the store did not have electricity or running water. He said he thinks squatters had been getting into the building through the windows and were using plastic tubs as toilets. 

The entire building was boarded up. Brubaker said no one will be able to access it until the building is up to code. He said his department will work to contact the owner and give them the opportunity to clean it up.




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