25 neighborhoods, 25 days: Last 5 featured neighborhood reveals this week

25 neighborhoods, 25 days. The last 5 "Featured Neighborhood" reveals are this week as part of our project Building Better Neighborhoods: Keeping You Safe Where You Live.

We have spent the last four weeks traveling back to each of our 25 partnered cities to reveal the neighborhood residents voted on to become our "Featured Neighborhood".

This comes after we visited each city and reported on what makes it unique and what it has to offer residents and visitors. In return, each community identified 5 neighborhoods and brought them together for a Safety Forum or helped them form block watches. Residents had a week to vote on newsnet5.com for those 5 neighborhoods. The one with the most votes became our "Featured Neighborhood". We have been going back to each community to give the residents that live there a Building Better Neighborhoods sign.

On Monday, look for Danita Harris to be in Madison. Tuesday, Tracy Carloss goes back to Spencer. On Wednesday, Leon Bibb will revisit Bay Village. On Thursday, Chris Flanagan will be in Macedonia and on Friday, Lee Jordan goes back to LaGrange.


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