Summit Co Sheriff Steve Barry explains involvement in controversial YouTube video of arrested pastor

Part of a publicity campaign

AKRON, Ohio - Imagine sitting in church services on a Sunday morning only to see your pastor handcuffed, arrested and taken away by sheriff deputies.

That happened at three Summit County churches and cameras were rolling.

It was all staged, by the pastors, as part of a publicity campaign for an upcoming event called "Defending the Faith". 

Summit County Sheriff Steve Barry said his department participated in the fake arrests, but were surprised when they started getting complaint calls. The video ended up on YouTube and people thought it was real.

"We were proud to be a part of it." said Barry, "I just, we certainly would have provided our own caption or disclaimer had we known it was going to be released on a national level or anything like that. We had no idea what so ever that was going to happen."

Barry said with budget cuts and manpower down, they are working closely with the religious leaders to find ways to connect with the community.

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Here is the YouTube video:


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