Victim shoots suspect during Akron craigslist robbery

Injured suspect arrested at Barberton hospital

AKRON, Ohio - Police said a man trying to sell an Xbox, using Craigslist, was robbed after a potential buyer and two other men stormed an Akron home at gunpoint.

It happened around 6 p.m. Tuesday, when 22-year-old John Ruggerio told police he was robbed by three armed men who came into his house on Triplett Boulevard to see if an Xbox he listed on Craigslist worked.

Ruggerio told NewsChannel5 that one of the gunmen used vulgarity and started making demands. "He told me to get down on my knees.  He put the gun to my forehead and told me to empty my pockets," Ruggerio said.

Ruggerio said he gave the gunman money from his front pockets and was then told to put his arms behind his back.

What the intruders didn't know was that Ruggerio had a .45 caliber handgun tucked inside the back of his pants.

"That's when I started pulling my shirt up and I started pretty much reaching for my gun," Ruggerio said.

Ruggerio fired two shots. One of the bullets hit a suspect in his elbow and traveled through a wall. The second bullet pierced a door frame.

The three men ran from the home. Ruggerio and a neighbor called 911. The neighbor described a white car as the possible getaway vehicle.

WEB EXTRA: Police released the 911 calls made shortly after the incident by the victim and a neighbor:


About an hour later, police got a call from Barberton Citizens Hospital of a man in the ER with a gunshot wound to his elbow.

Authorities linked the hospitalized man and a second man to the armed robbery in Akron. The getaway car was also reportedly found in the parking deck by authorities.

Jeremy Culver, 18, and Shawn Davis, 20, have both been charged with aggravated robbery. Both are behind bars in the Summit County Jail.

The third suspect has not been identified and remains on the run.

In the meantime, Ruggerio, who has the gun to protect himself and his property, said he has one question for the suspects.

"Was it worth it?  That's all I can say.  Do they really think that was worth it," Ruggerio said.

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