Woman loses brakes on SUV and nearly drives completely through Akron home on East Avenue

AKRON, Ohio - A woman reportedly lost the brakes in her SUV going downhill on Bisson Avenue in Akron, crashing into and nearly going all the way through a home on East Avenue.

Akron police said the driver, Pasquelina Rice, 45, of Akron, said that while on her way to the store, her brakes failed on her GMC Jimmy at the top of a large hill on Bisson Avenue.

She tried putting the SUV in park and using her emergency brake, but neither slowed her SUV. She then tried using the curb to scrub some speed but even that wasn't enough, according to officers.

Finally, out of options, she crossed East Avenue—just missing a guardrail at the bottom of the hill—and crashed through the front windows of a house.

The home owner, Renatta Griffith, who moved into the home in May, was not home and her twin, 6-year-old daughters were at their grandmother's house.

"I'm just glad they weren't home, just glad we weren't home at the time because it would have been a different turnout," Griffith said.

The SUV went through the living room, through an interior wall into an office before poking out the side and rear exterior walls of the home.

Police said they believe the driver's story. She has a valid license and was not intoxicated. She has not been charged with any crime.

Rice was listed in serious, but stable condition at Akron General Medical Center on Tuesday afternoon.

Griffith is working with her insurance company to see if her home can be salvaged.

"Right now, I'm staying with relatives, and then again, we're just taking it one day at a time."

A suspected drunken driver died after he drove a car into a home just a few doors down on East Avenue in 2012.

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