Woman injured after crashing her car into a church in Akron on Orrin Street

AKRON, Ohio - A woman crashed her car into an Akron church after what police are describing as an argument.

Akron police said the woman left a home on Madison Avenue around 11:30 p.m. Wednesday after an argument with her sister. After leaving the home, the woman crashed through a row of fence poles and crashed into Providence Baptist Church at the intersection of Orrin Street and Madison Avenue.

The car crashed into a glass block window, and the accident trapped the woman inside the car.

Akron fire fighters had to cut the car apart to get the woman out of the wreckage. Akron firefighters said the woman suffered serious injuries to her legs. The crash was so severe that firefighters said the woman broke the steering wheel with her body during the crash.

The woman was eventually removed from the car through the right rear door and taken to a local hospital.

The entire window along with some of the brick wall of the church was damaged and a large hole remained once the car was towed.

A large crowd gathered at the scene and one person had to be restrained by Akron police after he began to fight with police and paramedics.

The woman's condition is unknown at this time.

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