Vandals cause $10,000 in damage at Canal Park in Akron in two separate incidents

AKRON, Ohio - Vandals in the Akron area hit Canal Park twice this week and caused nearly $10,000 worth of damage.

According to a police report, the suspects damaged eight window panes in two restaurants, The Game and The Duck Club, located in right field of the park. The first time, they broke the outside panes of the double-glass windows, and Wednesday they hit the same windows again, breaking the inner panes.

Stephanie York,communications director for the city of Akron, said the vandals struck again at around 2 Wednesday morning. It appears as if the vandals used a sling shot — not an airgun, as authorities originally speculated — to shoot white glass marbles at the windows.

York held a marble-like stone in her hand as she talked to NewsChannel5 Tuesday evening. The white stone, believed to have damaged the glass, was one of many found among the glass debris when team officials and police officers discovered the damage.

"This happened in the middle of the night," York said. "We don't think it was aimed toward anyone specific, it's just a random act that we hope we find the people and can bring them to justice."

Police are investigating and will be reviewing any surveillance footage from the area that may have captured the vandal.

The windows that were damaged will take nearly two weeks to replaced because of their custom size, according Jim Pfander, general manager of the RubberDucks.

Pfander provided NewsChannel5 with pictures of the broken windows.

No damage was done to the restaurants as the glass is designed to break away from the restaurant and toward the street.

"This is a senseless act that costs a lot of money," York said.

Akron police ask anyone with information on the vandalism to contact them at 330-375-2181.

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