University of Akron wants you to choose their Super Bowl commercial

Campaign costs $150,000, includes Super Bowl ad

AKRON, Ohio - Sunday's big game marks the 14th year The University of Akron will debut a new commercial during the Super Bowl. And the school needs your help choosing which ad to feature.

It's a new advertising and marketing campaign that The University of Akron believes gives the community an inside look at the "innovative spirit that drives research, learning and discovery at the University."

For the 2012 Super Bowl, UA is giving the campus community and the public a chance to choose which 30 second spot will air when the Giants and Patriots battle this Sunday.

"We are excited about what we do here, and we think the public will be fascinated by learning more about what makes the University of Akron innovative," said Wayne Hill, associate vice president and chief marketing officer at UA in a news release. "The Super Bowl advertising 'contest' is our way of inviting people to learn, and to tell us which discovery most interests them by choosing the commercial they like best."

All three commercials focus on energy and innovation, along with improving lives and positively impacting the environment.

"It's discoveries that can truly change the world," said spokeswoman Laura Massie.

The new commercials will then serve as a springboard to a comprehensive campaign focusing on communicating the untold stories of UA's research and academic leadership.

You can vote for your favorite UA commercial to be featured during the Super Bowl by clicking this link . You can only vote once daily and voting ends Feb. 3 at midnight. The winning commercial will air three times this Sunday.

UA paid $150,000 for the advertising campaign. After Sunday's game, all three commercials will run in rotation for two weeks, being shown 2,418 times, which is just one part of the school's advertising plan.

"The entire campaign, including broadcast, print and web-based marketing, showcases our dynamic learning environment and helps the community understand why The University of Akron is a regional and national leader in innovation," Hill said.

According to research conducted for the university, officials at UA said 90 percent of prospective students and parents living in five counties surrounding UA have a positive impression of the University (up from 72 percent in 1998); the awareness level of UA was 94 percent in 2009 (up from 89 percent in 1998)

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