VIDEO: Two women convicted of obstruction in connection with killing of Twinsburg officer sentenced

Women fined, given two years probation

CLEVELAND - Two women, who helped hide the killer of Twinsburg police officer Josh Miktarian, were sentenced on Wednesday for attempted obstruction or justice.

Cuyahoga County Judge Daniel Gaul sentenced Danielle Roberson, 27, of Akron, and Bridget Robinson, 37, of Bedford Heights, to two years probation and fined them $1,000. Roberson's probation includes six months house arrest.

[WEB EXTRA: Watch statements from Holly Miktarian and the two defendants]

The women pleaded guilty last month to felonies of the fourth degree.

Judge Gaul pointed out that the women had no prior criminal records and that state legislation prohibited him from imposing anything other than probation.

Miktarian's widow, Holly, spoke in the courtroom which was packed with police officers. Many of them wore shirts with Miktarian's badge #45 on them.

"My little girl has to go to a cemetery to sing happy birthday to her dad," she said.

The couple's daughter, Thea, was three-months-old when Miktarian was killed. She will turn five in March and start kindergarten in the fall.

"I hate that after all these years I have to relive all this again. We will never forget Josh," Holly said.

Ashford Thompson is on death row for the murder.

The 33-year-old officer was shot four times in the head during a traffic stop in Twinsburg in July of 2008.

Roberson is Thompson's girlfriend and was in the car when Thompson killed Miktarian.

Prosecutors said Roberson removed the gun from the car and Robinson gave Vaseline to Thompson in an effort to remove a handcuff after he showed up at her home in Bedford Heights.

Miktarian had placed one handcuff on Thompson's wrist before the shooting.

Thompson was arrested within a few hours at Robinson's home. Police also found the murder weapon on the kitchen table inside the home.

Holly contends Roberson distracted Officer Miktarian when she got out of the car, allowing Thompson to grab his gun.

"You're the reason my husband is dead," Holly said to Roberson.

In response Roberson later said, "If I could go back and I could change that night, I would. I had nothing to do with it and I'm sorry it happened."

Robinson said she didn't realize at first why her brother asked for the Vaseline.

"After giving him the Vaseline and knowing what he wanted to use it for, I tried to tell him not to do that. I took the Vaseline from him," Robinson said.

Robinson said also told him to turn himself in "for whatever it was he was trying to run from."

Miktarian was the first officer killed in the line of duty in the department's history.

Twinsburg Police Chief Christopher Noga also spoke at the court hearing and told the judge that he not only lost an officer, but a friend who started working on the force at the same time.

"I choose to remember Josh happy, alive and complete," Noga said.


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