Twinsburg dog dies of rabies, Summit County Public Health seeks source of disease

AKRON, Ohio - Summit County health officials are looking for the source after a family pet died of rabies.

According to Summit County Public Health, a Twinsburg family's dog was sick for several days before dying of rabies on Oct. 10. Although the dog did not bite anyone, those who may have been exposed to the dog's saliva were identified by health officials.

After testing the animal, the Center for Disease Control said the dog was carrying the raccoon strain of the disease. They are now working with the Ohio Department of Health and USDA Wildlife Services to discover where the dog was exposed to rabies.

Rabies can affect any mammal species and it's transferred through saliva.

The rabies disease is preventable in animals. All dogs and cats in Summit County should receive the rabies vaccine once they reach three months old, according to the Summit County Environmental Health Code.

In Lake County, two skunks tested positive for rabies just in the last month. Both animals were found in Mentor and the Lake County General Health District said there has been a rabies outbreak in the county since 2004, when 136 cases of raccoon strain rabies were confirmed.

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