Three Coventry High School wrestlers facing charges in hazing investigation

COVENTRY TOWNSHIP, Ohio - Three Coventry High School wrestlers are facing criminal charges in connection with a hazing investigation.

On Thursday, the Summit County Sheriff's Department announced misdemeanor hazing and assault charges. One of the students is also facing felony charges.

Inspector Bill Holland said a 16-year-old boy is charged with three counts of hazing, three counts of assault and two counts of felony abduction.

A 17-year-old wrestler is charged with three counts of hazing and three counts of assault.

The juveniles were booked into the Summit County Juvenile Detention Center.

Keenan Davis, 18, was charged with one count of hazing and was summoned to appear in Barberton Municipal Court.

Last month, the school district suspended 11 upperclassman wrestlers from the school.

Allegations included punching, kicking and using a broomstick on underclassman wrestlers.

Two of the younger wrestlers were said to be seriously injured, according to investigators.

Superintendent Russell Chaboudy said some of the older wrestlers lured eight underclassmen into the locker room and "hit them, kicked them and slapped them around."

The incident happened on Feb. 6 prior to the last home wrestling match of the season and before the coaching staff had arrived.

Investigators say the victims were fully clothed during the attack.

Holland said the case remains under investigations and further charges are pending.


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