Thieves arrested after targeting Amish homes in Holmes, Wayne counties

WOOSTER, Ohio - A joint investigation by the Holmes and Wayne County Sheriff's offices has ended with a man and woman behind bars, charged with burglary.

Holmes County Sheriff's deputies arrested 21-year-old Reuben Troyer and 21-year-old Natasha Urconis, both of 1751 E. Smithville-Western Road, Wooster Sunday, September 11 after following the duo from a Holmes County address to one on Senff Road near Mt. Eaton.

There, deputies said Urconis approached the house and knocked on the door, but left with Troyer after receiving no response. A short time later, the duo returned to the house in their vehicle.

When Wayne County deputies arrived on scene, Troyer was found entering the home while Urconis waited outside holding her 18-month-old child.

Both suspects were arrested and transported to the Wayne County Jail.

While being interviewed by deputies, Troyer admitted to being responsible for a total of seven burglaries in Wayne County, seven more in Holmes County, and four in Knox County. The theft ring involved targeting the homes of Amish residents on Sunday mornings.

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