The Black Keys' mothers talk about their Grammy-nominated sons

'Brothers' album makes mothers proud

AKRON, Ohio - 2/13 Update:

The Black Keys have won another Grammy Award for Best Rock Performance by a Duo or Group with vocals for "Tighten Up."

The Black Keys have won the Best Alternative Music Album Grammy Award for their album "Brothers."

Michael Carney has won the Grammy Award for Best Recording Package for his art direction on The Black Keys album "Brothers."


Mary Stormer and Mary Auerbach are proud mothers. Their sons, Pat Carney and Dan Auerbach, are the Akron-based band The Black Keys.

The band is nominated for four Grammy Awards and Michael Carney, Pat's brother, is nominated for one. Michael is nominated for his art work on the band's newest album, "Brothers."

"It's been off the hook, as they say. It's just been one thing after the other," Mary Auerbach said.

The mothers have watched their sons grow and mature over the years in the city of Akron.

"They figured out how to do what sets their heart on fire and get somebody to pay them for it," Mary Stormer said.

"When I saw them taking off in that mini-van with a four-inch piece of foam in the back that they were going to sleep on and some other seat wired into it, I'm thinking, 'No seat belt and you've got all this stuff in here an you are going to sleep like this?'" Stormer said.

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