Bitter cold winter causes firewood shortage

AKRON, Ohio - The bitter cold temperatures this winter has made it nearly impossible to find good, seasoned firewood.

Buck Moran owns Buck Moran's Tree and Landscaping. He is also a certified arborist. He said the demand for firewood this season has been so high he couldn't keep up. To help his customers, he has tried to refer them to other suppliers, but many of those have run out of their supply as well.

John Gamauf, of Gamauf Farm and Forestry in Copley, said he ran out of seasoned firewood around Thanksgiving.

He does have a small supply of logs that he is cutting and splitting into firewood, but said it is not for sale — at least not yet. The wood he splits today won't be ready to burn until at least May of this year. Gamauf said they measure the moisture in their firewood and he won't sell it until it is under 20 percent moisture content. 

He added if you were sold firewood that is unseasoned and won't burn, he can help you out. Gamauf sells ECO bricks, which is compressed hardwood firewood. Some people burn it instead of regular firewood because it burns for about the same length of time.

He adds that you can burn the ECO bricks and then put your green or unseasoned wood on top to get it to burn.

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