The Akron Beacon Journal celebrates its 175th anniversary

AKRON, Ohio - The Akron Beacon Journal has been bringing the day's news into homes for 175 years.

The Summit Beacon started publishing a newspaper back in 1839, it would later merge with Akron Journal in 1897. That merger created what we know today as the Akron Beacon Journal.

The paper is a four-time Pulitzer Prize winner, including their coverage of the Kent Sates Shootings on May 4, 1970 and the hostile takeover attempt of Goodyear by Sir James Goldsmith.

Capturing the big stories of the day, the headlines of the world and those unforgettable pictures is a responsibility Doug Oplinger, managing editor, takes seriously. "So you come in every day not knowing what's going to happen, really, but still excited about, we're going to do something today and we are going to help the community."

Oplinger said events like September 11 change the world in a moment. To help keep their readers informed of the latest news the paper launched a new look to their website .



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